Battery Charging During Lockdown with ONE BOX

With vehicles subjected to prolonged periods of inactivity during the unusual conditions in which the country currently finds itself are not just a challenge to individuals, but also to the vehicles that, under normal circumstances, motorists would be using daily.

Perversely, because they incorporate systems and components, such as air conditioning/climate control for example, that can be negatively affected if the vehicle isn’t driven regularly, being left undriven is a far bigger problem for cars than if they are being used constantly.

At the top of the list though, is the battery, which, if left completely untouched, will naturally discharge and eventually have insufficient power reserves to start the engine. The problems do not end here however, as the battery is responsible for maintaining a host of electrical components and systems, so being unable to start the engine is just one of the potential issues of an unused vehicle.

Generally, motorists are aware that batteries that are not frequently charged gradually discharge, but there is still considerable confusion as to what constitutes a ‘flat’ battery. Many believe that if the lights, ignition or radio can function, the battery must be okay, not realising the enormous demand it is under to just turnover the engine, let alone power the ignition system to enable it to start.

Another misconception that generally does more harm than good, is to start the engine and let it run for 10 minutes in the belief that this will sufficiently charge the battery if the vehicle isn’t regularly being driven. In fact, the reverse is normally the case as this will undoubtedly take far more power out of the battery than the alternator can replace during a few minutes at idle, thereby discharging the battery further.

Watch the video below to find out how to use the ONE BOX solution from Ecobat Battery Technologies. In this video, we look at what’s included in the ONE BOX, how to use the tools and in what order to keep your battery in tip top condition and your vehicle running, which is particularly important in these current challenging times.



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