Powermax  Batteries

The Powermax range of batteries has been designed to meet the strenuous requirements of today’s vehicle market fleet. Using the latest calcium technology they offer consumers a fully maintenance free battery delivering reliability and durability with exceptional performance.

PowerMax Auto

Powermax Automotive & Commercial Batteries

Whatever the application, your battery needs to supply power to a wide range of on-board systems and equipment, and when time is money; it needs to deliver unquestionable reliability.
All our batteries are maintenance-free and specifically designed to ensure that costly down time becomes a thing of the past. This means big savings on servicing and overall total cost of ownership in comparison with conventional batteries.


  • Calcium technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Standard specification
  • Recommended for petrol and diesel cars and light commercial vehicles
  • More than 40 part numbers covering 90% of the vehicles on the road

PowerMax start stop

Powermax Start-Stop Batteries

AGM & EFB technology are perfect for vehicles with a standard, entry- level Start-Stop function. When the engine is switched off, they provide the vehicle’s electrical devices system with a reliable power supply and ensure that the engine restarts in a fraction of a second.

PowerMax GM

Powermax GM-Series Garden Machinery Batteries

Powermax wet lead acid 12 Volt batteries are ideally suited for ride on mowers, small tractors and other garden machinery. Capacities range from 14Ah to 36Ah, catering for a wide range of applications. Our most common batteries, the 895 and 895R, now have calcium added to their plates. This addition reduces water loss through charging, so both types are now sealed and maintenance free. The charge retention is also improved, which is another benefit for batteries used in seasonal applications.

PowerMax FLA

Powermax Flooded Leisure Batteries

The range of Powermax flooded leisure batteries are designed for light cyclic duties. They are ideally suited for use on motorhomes, caravans and marine applications. Due to their thicker plates and special envelope separators, our leisure batteries will last longer than conventional starter batteries in the same application.


  • Filled, charged and ready for use
  • Thicker plates for light cyclic applications
  • ‘Magic eye’ hydrometer
  • Built in handles
  • Anchored plates to help resist vibration
  • Designed for discharge & recharge

PowerMax SLA

Powermax Sealed Leisure Batteries

The Powermax sealed, dual purpose leisure battery range is renowned for its quality and reliability. Whether you enjoy having prolonged periods away in your motorhome / caravan or are at anchor, the Powermax batteries will look after you and whatever power requirements you have. Added calcium helps charge retention when not in use and reduces water loss allowing this range to be sealed and completely maintenance free. The dual terminals allow extra access points to the battery for any accessories you may operate giving you additional flexibility


  • Completely maintenance free
  • Minimal self discharge
  • Dual terminals
  • Thick plates for deep cycle applications
  • ‘Magic eye’ hydrometer
  • Designed for discharge & recharge