BLUE SEA 230 Volt AC Main 2 Positions 1207

Part No. BS/1207
Positions 2
Nominal Voltage ? 230V AC
Height 7.75in (196.85 mm)
Width 4.88in (123.95 mm)
Depth 3.00in (76.2 mm)
Weight 2.21lb (1 kg)


Blue Seas 230 Volt AC Main 2?Positions 1207

The Blue Seas 230 Volt AC Main 2?Positions 1207.?The 360 Panel System uses an open frame to mount a broad selection of modules that allows multiple functions to be combined in a single panel.


  • All circuit label positions are backlit
  • ?ON? indicating LEDs installed in all circuit positions
  • Includes 4206?Square Format Label Set

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 19.6 × 12.3 × 7.6 cm