BLUE SEA DC DIN Ammeter 0-25A with Shunt 1052

Part No. BS/1052
Meter Current
Function 0-25A
Backlighting Amperage ?? 16mA @ 12V DC
20mA @ 24V DC
Connection 2 wire to DC positive and negative
Meter Current 1mA at full scale
Shunt Type Internal
Weight 0.33lb (0.15 kg)


Blue Seas DC DIN Ammeter 0-25A with Shunt – 1052

Blue Seas DC DIN Ammeter 0-25A with Shunt – 1052 Easy to read European style, 72mm design, analog DC meter?with backlighting for low light conditions. Comes with a terminal cover to prevent accidental short circuit.

Meters are necessary in a boat?s electrical system to manage the system: avoiding overload of shore cords, when to charge battery banks and when chargers and alternators are not functioning properly, etc.


  • Standard European 72mm design
  • White matte dial with black printed scale and knife-edge pointer
  • Backlit meter face (separate 12 or 24V DC backlight connections)
  • Terminal cover included to prevent accidental short circuit
  • Includes appropriate external DC shunt, when required


Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg