BLUE SEA M-Series Battery Switch 6005

Part No.? BS/6005
Switch Type? Single Circuit ON-OFF
Color Red
Switch Positions 2
Battery Combine No
Alternator Field Disconnect? No
Maximum Voltage 48V DC
Terminal Stud Torque 120 in-lb (13.56 Nm)
Continuous Rating? 300A
Intermittent Rating? 500A (5 min)
Cranking Rating 10 sec? 1500A
Cranking Rating 1 min? 775A
Battery Inputs 1
Cable Clearance For 4/0 AWG Cables 1.12in (28.45 mm)
Cable Size to Meet Ratings 4/0 AWG (120mm?)
Mounting Holes Accept #10 Screw
Terminal Stud Size 3/8″ – 16 (M10)
Weight 0.62lb (0.28 kg)

UPDATED – Available February 2017


BLUE SEA M-Series Battery Switch 6005 -?Mini On-Off Battery Switch with Key – Red?


300 Amps continuous rating for outboards and small gasoline or diesel engines.

The BLUE SEA M-Series Battery Switch 6005 is the mini battery switch that outperforms switches twice its size.

Blue Sea Systems’ m-Series Battery Switch, available in four practical models, is a great choice for most boaters. Its “mini” size, flexible mounting options, and current-carrying capacity make this battery switch a wise choice. The m-Series switch is versatile enough to meet just about any battery switch application for small and medium-size boats. It is very compact, measuring less than 3″ by 3″ (7.6cm X 7.6cm), making it ideal for installations where there are size and space constraints. In spite of its size, its current-carrying capacity exceeds many standard-size switches.


  • Removable Key
  • Tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Studs accept 3/8″ (M10) ring terminals
  • 7/8″ (22mm) stud length accepts multiple cable terminals
  • Blue Sea Systems one-piece terminal stud design never loosens over time
  • Isolating cover with three snap-in side pieces protects rear contacts and allows sire access in any direction
  • Case design allows surface, rear, or front panel mounting options
  • Switches a single battery to a single load group
  • Ignition protected?safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats


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Weight 0.28 kg