BLUE SEA Vessel Systems Monitor 1801

Nominal Voltage 230V AC @ 50Hz, Typical of Europe
120V AC @ 60Hz, North America
12V DC
24V DC
Operating Voltage 0-300V AC
8.5-33.0V DC
Current Accuracy /- 2.0% AC (RMS)
/- 1.0% DC
Current Range 0-150A AC
0-500A DC
Frequency 40-90Hz
Minimum Current Draw 35mA @ 12V, backlight off
18.8mA @ 24V, backlight off
Voltage Accuracy /- 0.5%
Weight 4.00lb (1.81 kg)
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BLUE SEA Vessel Systems Monitor 1801 -?VSM 422

The Vessel Systems Monitor VSM 422 performs comprehensive monitoring offour boat systems in one compact meter, saving space and money.

By monitoring DC (including battery state of charge), AC, tanks, and bilge pump, the VSM 422 alerts boaters to problems before they become emergencies. The ability to monitor state of charge is critical to safe boating. By using a complex calculation of voltage, amperage, and amp-hours remaining, the VSM 422 is able to provide accurate and timely information about state of charge on the house battery to help boaters know when it?s time to recharge.

The VSM 422 also monitors temperature on the primary battery with the included Battery Temperature Sensor. AC monitoring includes voltage, amperage, wattage, and frequency. Tank monitoring for up to three tanks includes alarm functions for high and low levels, and bilge pump monitoring includes pump active, cycle count, and duration. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive display modes, and versatile case design, the Vessel Systems Monitor VSM 422 is an excellent replacement for four separate system monitors.


  • Three intuitive display modes
  • Flexible case design offers three mounting options
  • Fully programmable legends and adjustable alarm functions can be customized to fit every boat


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