Lucas LYB14L-A2

Part Number: LYB14L-A2
Known As: YB14L-A2, 12N14-3A
Voltage: 12V
Capacity Ah: 14
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 135 x 90 x 167
Layout / Terminal? What’s This?: 0/7
Wet Weight (Kg): 5.0


Lucas LYB14L-A2
12V 14Ah Garden Machinery Battery

The Lucas LYB14L-A2 wet lead acid, 12 Volt battery is ideally suited for ride on mowers, small tractors and other garden machinery. Capacities range from 14Ah to 36Ah, catering for a wide range of applications.

Our most common batteries, the 895 and 895R, now have calcium added to their plates.

This addition reduces water loss through charging, so both types are now sealed and maintenance free. The charge retention is also improved, which is another benefit for batteries used in seasonal applications.


  • Heavy duty glass mat resists vibration damage
  • Special thin Separator packs in extra plates, delivers up to 30% more cranking power than conventional types
  • Through-the-wall intercell connector minimises internal resistance, maximises power
  • Sulphate Stop curbs plate sulphation – and provides longer life


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 9 × 16.7 cm