MG Energy Systems E-Rack Series

Technology: Lithium-Ion NMC (MG HE 300Ah battery)
Dimensions (mm)  L x H x W: 690 x 480 x 500 mm

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E-Rack Series:

The new E-rack system is a modular energy storage system based on the HE Series. Each E-Rack can hold up to two HE 300 Ah battery modules. The stackable design gives flexibility and scalability.

The racks can be mounted on top of each other up to 4 high to create 60 kWh of energy storage. By connecting multiple racks in parallel energy storage capacity will be extended and adds redundancy to the system.

The E-Rack system can be used for solar energy storage applications, peak-shaving, backup systems and mobile energy supply. The system is scalable from small residential up to large industrial systems.


  • Compact design
  • Integrated battery management system
  • Easy installation
  • Solar energy storage and peak-shaving
  • Scalable and flexible in integration
  • Suitable for stationary and mobile application

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E-Rack Master 25.5 V / 15kWh, E-Rack Master 50.4 V /15kWh, E-Rack Slave 25.5 V / 15kWh, E-Rack Slave 50.4 V /15kWh

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