MG Energy Systems RS Series – MGRS14S3P132 51 V / 132 Ah

Part No: MGRS14S3P132
Nominal capacity: 132 Ah
Cell Configuration: 14S3P
Weight: 69Kg
Technology: Lithium-Ion NMC

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MG Energy Systems RS Series – MGRS14S3P132 51 V / 132 Ah

High safety and flexible system configurations were the design principles during the development of the RS series Lithium-Ion battery.

A modular and compact design makes system integration more flexible, especially in refit projects. Adding a redundant BMS and a unique cell-to-cell propagation protection takes safety to the next level.

The liquid thermal management keeps the battery cells on temperature to extend cycle life and to improve the peak power performance. These features make this battery suitable for large energy storage applications as well as small peak power packs in hybrid solutions.


  • Safer by design
  • Redundant battery management system
  • Liquid cooling
  • Cell level propagation protection
  • Compliant with highest safety standards
  • Flexible system design


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