MG Master LV – Battery Management Controller (12V)

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MG Master LV – Battery Management Controller

The MG Master LV is the safety and control unit of the battery system. It protects the connected battery modules against over-charging, over-discharging, over-temperature, under-temperature and controls the balancing of the battery cells.


  • Integrated pre-charge circuit;
  • Safety contactors in positive power path;
  • High-Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) (only on M12 model);
  • Internal event logging;
  • CAN-Bus communication;
  • State-Of-Health and State-Of-Charge tracking;
  • Monitoring of all battery parameters (cell voltage, temperatures, balancing);
  • DC distribution and fuse box;

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MGMLV120150, MGMLV120400, MGMLV120600, MGMLV121000

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