Odyssey ODX-AGM31MJ (31-PC2150MJS)

Part Number: Odyssey ODX-AGM31MJ (31-PC2150MJS)
Voltage: 12V
Capacity Ah (C20): 205
CCA (SAE): 1150 A
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 330 x 173 x 246
Layout / Terminal 3/8-16″ Stud
Weight (Kg): 35.3

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Odyssey ODX-AGM31MJ (31-PC2150MJS)

12V 100Ah 2150A CCA (SAE) Power, Motorsports and Marine (ODS) Battery

Powersport vehicles need a powerful battery that’s built to take the constant pounding that comes with the territory, whether it’s is on land, sea, or snow.

The ODYSSEY battery can handle it. Featuring rugged construction and packed tightly with pure lead plates, the non-spillable AGM design ODYSSEY battery protects against the shock and vibration that can quickly destroy other batteries. And the pure lead plates mean more power-twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries-up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge!

The Odyssey ODX-AGM31MJ (31-PC2150MJS) battery uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) technology to offer, in one package, the characteristics of two separate batteries. It can deep cycle as well as deliver serious cranking power. Traditional battery designs allow them to either deep cycle or provide high amperage discharges for applications such as engine starting. The Odyssey battery can support applications in either category.

With a pedigree and reputation known across the Power & Motorsports world, ODYSSEY® Power & Motorsports (ODS) batteries provide concentrated extreme dual-purpose power while supplying exceptional reliability, service life and deep-cycle capabilities to keep you ahead.


  • Fully absorbed electrolyte – will not leak
  • Sealed construction – no maintenance
  • Can be fitted upright or on side
  • High cranking ability
  • Ideal for use where space is limited
  • Fast recharge
  • Low self discharge

Additional information

Weight 35.3 kg
Dimensions 330 × 173 × 246 cm