Varta 019 AGM Start Stop Plus (G14)

Part Number: 019VAR/AGM
Varta Short Code: G14
European Type No. (ETN): 595 901 085
Voltage: 12V
Capacity Ah: 95
CCA (EN): 850
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 353 x 175 x 190
Layout / Terminal?Whats This?: 0/1
Weight (Kg): 26.4


Varta 019 AGM Start Stop Plus
12V 95Ah?850 CCA (EN) Silver Dynamic?Car Battery

The Varta 019 AGM Start Stop Plus?offers the best power and technology you can get. If you?re looking for a premium battery to run your higher-end vehicle with huge energy demands, our Silver Dynamic batteries have the unmatched performance and unrivalled endurance you need.

By choosing the Silver Dynamic AGM with the most advanced technology, you will get an outstanding battery that is capable of powering the most demanding vehicles and accessories, as it offers three times the level of endurance of conventional batteries. Silver Dynamic AGM is also perfect for powering advanced Start-Stop systems.


  • 3x the cycle life compared with a conventional battery
  • Designed for vehicles with advanced Start-Stop functionality with regenerative braking
  • VARTA? AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology with outstanding performance for powerful engines and highly equipped cars
  • Leak-proof, even if it is broken
  • Clean manufacturing with 20% less energy and 20% less air pollution
  • Help preserve the environment with ecosteps?
  • PowerFrame? grid technology for high starting power
  • Engineered to the highest German standard


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Additional information

Weight 26.4 kg
Dimensions 35.3 × 236.57 × 19 cm