PowerMax 622 ST Series


Part Number: 622 POW
Capacity Ah: 130
CCA (EN): 680
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 510 x 216 x 210
Layout / Terminal: 3/1
Weight (Kg): 28.78
European Type No. (ETN) 630 014 068
JIS Code 622
Base Hold-down N


PowerMax 622?ST Series
12V 130Ah 680CCA (EN) Starter Battery?

The PowerMax 622?ST Series battery?has been designed to meet the requirements of todays standard specification vehicles. Using the latest calcium technology the Powermax ST Series batteries have improved shelf life and overall performance. High quality, reliability and durability are standard with all Powermax automotive batteries.

Whatever the application, your battery needs to supply power to a wide range of on-board systems and equipment, and when time is money; it needs to deliver unquestionable reliability.

All our batteries are maintenance-free and specifically designed to ensure that costly down time becomes a thing of the past. This means big savings on servicing and overall total cost of ownership in comparison with conventional batteries.


  • Minimal self-discharge thanks to calcium-silver technology
  • Extremely long service life and high levels of cyclic stability
  • Highest levels of cold start performance for large engines
  • Filled, fully charged and ready to go
  • Completely maintenance-free – no need to top up with water (Promotive)
  • High resistance to vibration


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