Rolls FS Series 12EHG210

Part Number: 12EHG210
Battery Range: FS Series
Voltage: 12V
Ah Capacity (C20): 210Ah
CCA @ 32?F: 1138
CCA @ 0?F: 910
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 527 x?222 x 314
Weight (Kg): 63.0
Terminal Type: LT



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Rolls FS Series 12EHG210
12V 210Ah?1138CCA (EN) Marine Series?Dual Container Flooded?Battery?

The Rolls FS Series 12EHG210?Marine Series battery?is?a conventional fully flooded battery. The FS and 5000 series batteries are?engineered using the signature Rolls design incorporating thick enveloped?wrapped positive plates to offer a rugged and versatile product line for today`s?mariner. Reliability is key and by offering a larger plate surface area with?maximised paste density this range is ideal for high duty cycle demands and?has excellent cranking performance.

Manufactured in a strong dual container the 5000 series offers an industry?leading cycle performance and is supported by our longest battery warranty delivering peace of mind. The Rolls FS and 5000 series are offered in a range?of capacities in 6v and 12v configurations. Powerful and dependable, these?popular models provide power for a wide range of marine systems.


  • Thick Positive Plate Design ??Delivering Outstanding Cycle Performance
  • High Density Active Material ??Industry Leading Performance
  • Greater Durability ??Rigid Polypropylene & Dual Container Construction
  • Recombination Cap Compatible ??Fit to Reduce Maintenance Periods
  • Product Warranty – 5 & 10 Year Respectively


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Additional information

Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 52.7 × 22.2 × 31.4 cm