Rolls R Series R12-260 AGM

Part Number: R12-260AGM
Battery Range: Rolls?Series 2
Voltage: 12V
Ah Capacity (C100): 290Ah
Ah Capacity (C20): 260Ah
Ah Capacity (C10): 200Ah
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 522?x?268 x?240
Weight (Kg): 73.0
Terminal Type: LT



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Rolls R Series R12-260 AGM
12V 260Ah Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

The Rolls R Series R12-260 AGM is a dual purpose sealed maintenance free AGM battery this range offers both outstanding value and performance. The Series 2 range has all the leading?design features associated with AGM technology offering the user both a lower self-discharge and an increased acceptance to charge current than conventional?flooded wet batteries.

These batteries offer the perfect solution when looking to replace wet batteries or upgrade existing sealed batteries. Fitted with high grade brass and lead terminals and featuring convenient carry handles they also make use of a thick plate design and micro porous glass matt separator to deliver a high deep cycle rate and longer life.


  • Cycle Performance – 800 Cycles at 50% Discharge
  • ABS Case & Cover Design – Shock & Vibration Resistant
  • Sealed Construction – Maintenance Free
  • Low Internal Resistance – Faster Recharge
  • Standard Sizes Available – Popular 12v Models


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Additional information

Weight 73 kg
Dimensions 52.2 × 26.8 × 24 cm