Rolls Series 5 S12-240 AGM


Part Number: S12-240AGM
Battery Range: Rolls Series 5
Voltage: 12V
Ah Capacity (C20): 215Ah
CCA @ 32?F: 1645
CCA @ 0?F: 1525
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 381 x 178 x 371
Weight (Kg): 60.0
Terminal Type: DT



Rolls Series 5 S12-240 AGM
12V 215Ah 1645CCA (EN) Deep Cycle AGM?Battery?

The Rolls Series 5 S12-240 AGM offers industry leading cycle performance with increased?cranking current, making it a versatile dual purpose maintenance free option?for any vessel owner. Improved AGM technology results in a fast recharge whilst?offering a low self-discharge point meaning batteries can be left unattended for?prolonged periods of inactivity and retain performance.

Rolls engineers designed the Series 5 as a heavy duty sealed deep cycle AGM?battery to withstand both the marine leisure and commercial environments.?Commercial & leisure vessels around the world have fitted our premium AGM?range for its outstanding technical performance coupled with rugged case?design characteristics giving them a superior shock and vibration resistance.


  • Cycle Performance – 1200 Cycles at 50% Discharge
  • Extensive Life Cycles ? Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Rate
  • Rapid Recharge ? Significant Increase in Recharge Rates
  • Low Self-Discharge ? Better Charge Retention
  • Maintenance Free ? Require No Maintenance
  • Long Service Life ? Designed to Offer Over 5 Years in Service Life
  • Product Warranty – 5 Year


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Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 38.1 × 17.8 × 37.1 cm