Solara S50P36M


Part Number: S50P36 Marine
Daily output in summer (Wh/d): 50 W
Rated Voltage (V): 19.15 V
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 431 x 243 x 3
No. Cells: 36
Weight (Kg): 0.9 Kg
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Solara S50P36
M Series 50W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

The?Solara S50P36?is the best choice when you need to achieve maximum electricity yields even in unfavourable conditions. The?panel features 36 crystalline high-performance cells that reliably transform as much sunlight as possible. A sophisticated, shockresistant top surface and seawater-proof embedding of the solar cells serve to protect the panels against shock and water damage even in the roughest weather.

The Solara M-series has been specially designed for use on boats, life rafts, caravans and many other mobile applications.

The unique dimpled surface offers the dual benefits of a ?prismatic effect? refracting the light from all different angles onto the cells and also acts as a non-slip surface.

The Solara Premium panels can be mounted with screws or with glue.


  • Maximum stability through stainless steel mounting plate
  • Thanks to innovative cell-chaining technique semi-flexible?(up 3%) mountable
  • Foot traffic at a fixed, fully-scale application on firm?ground
  • Teflon-like extremely resistant protective film on?front and back
  • Particularly flat and glued screwed cable outlet?with strain relief
  • Unique serial number clearly on the front of the?module
  • Extremely high yields through the use of crystalline high?performance cells
  • Maximum daily yield by additional single cells
  • Powerful low-light performance ? High yields even?under cloudy and partially shaded conditions
  • External cell protector with bypass diodes offers?protection against cell overheating (Hot-Spots) is included
  • Manufactured exclusively in Germany


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Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 43.1 × 24.3 × 0.3 cm