Solbian CP 144L

Part Number: CP144L
Peak Power (W): 144 W
Rated Voltage (V): 18 V
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 1523 x 676?x 2
No. Cells: 36
Weight (Kg): 2.4 Kg

These panels are made to order so may take upto 2 weeks to dispatch.?


Solbian CP 144L – Semi Flexible Solar Panel
CP Series 144W Solbianflex?Solar Panel

The Flexible?panel of the Solbian CP 144L is?made using standard 156 x 156 monocrystalline silicon cells, with an?efficiency greater than 18%, incorporated in?polymers with high strength.

The CP Series has?the best established technology to offer powerful and reliable panels at the?best price.?Their size and high power make them particularly suitable for motor homes and?caravans, even on curved surfaces, such as the profile of an attic roof.

Thanks to their lightness and flexibility, Solbianflex modules are suitable for both permanent and removable installations. For this reason, Solbian proposes a range of fixing solutions. However, not all options are compatible, so always ask if in doubt, and do not hesitate to ask if you can?t find what you need.


  • Powerful
  • Light weight
  • Flexible
  • Ideal for camper vans, electric vehicles, etc..
  • Easy installation with LOXX snap fastners, zip, screws, adhesive, metal eyelets

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 152.3 × 67.6 × 0.2 cm
Fastening Options

Panel Only, Panel & Adhesive, Panel & Junction Box, Panel, Junction Box & Adhesive, Panel, Junction Box & LOXX snap fastners, Panel, Junction Box & Metal Eyelets, Panel, Junction Box & Zip