Solbian Energy Flyer-4 Solar Charger

Part Number: SP/EF4
Peak Power (W): 13 W
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 276 x 276 x 4
No. Cells: 4
Weight (Kg): 0.2 Kg


Solbian Energy Flyer-4 Solar Charger

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablet
  • eBook
  • Power Bank
  • some kinds of torches
  • It is the efficiency of photovoltaic cells, the same ones that are used in the vehicles that run for international competitions of solar cars.

    About 13W in full sun. The most powerful flexible parts ever. Great power and technologically advanced electronics to recharge even in hard conditions, with faint light.

    The Solbian Energy Flyer-4 Solar Charger is the most advanced solar USB charger in the market. The perfect choice for people who need energy without compromises, in the most critical missions, for leisure or work.
    Solbian Energy Flyer-4 Solar Charger can be used with mobile phones/tablet as a charge licensed device. With four high efficiency SunPower? cells encapsulated in a polymeric structure suited to resist impacts and weathering.
    The panel has a total power of more than 12W and a special sensitiveness in low light condition can charge all mobile phones / tablet with USB port, which have been tested, including iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. The frame protects the edges and the four holes in the corners allows fixing the Energy Flyer to your backpack or on your tent.

    ENERGY FLYER 4 can recharge:

      Less than an hour to recharge iPhone 5 from 10% to 90% with complete solar light. It recharge quickly as the wall socket. Less than 2h to recharge iPad.


    Additional information

    Weight 0.2 kg
    Dimensions 27.6 × 27.6 × 0.4 cm