Solbian SR 160 L


Power 160 W
Dimensions 1523 x 683 x 2 mm
Weight 2.4 Kg


Solbian SR 160 L Solar Panel

The monocrystalline high efficiency SR cells are sandwiched by two patented metallic grids. The grid on the front is carefully tailored to optimise the current harvesting, while the one behind the cell offers strong mechanical support. The grids essentially form a double shield that acts as a conducting reinforcement to the solar cell.
Extreme crack and bend tolerance are built in, enabling novel crystalline silicon architectures. A guarantee of high efficiency and unmatched durability in flexible solar panels.


Power 160 W
Weight 2.4 Kg
Length 1046 mm
Width 996 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Cells no. 36
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 23 V
Rated Voltage (V) 18.6 V
Short Circuit Current (A) 9 A
Rated Current (A) 8.6 A