Trem Koala Battery Box (110 AMP) EXT002


Total Length when Closed 370 mm
Total Width when Closed 240 mm
Total Height when Closed 270 mm
Internal Length 370 mm
Internal Width 195 mm
Internal Height 250 mm
Box Length 380 mm
Box Width 200 mm
Box Height 205 mm
Lid Length 435 mm
Lid Width 225 mm
Lid Height 100 mm


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Trem Koala Battery Box (110 AMP)
An acid resistant battery box with a support holding strap and removable lid. 

Trem Koala Battery Box Information

This Trem Koala boat battery box is manufactured from acid resistant materials and is used to house batteries safely onboard. This battery box comes with a with removable lid that features several vent holes in the top, a support holding strap and carry handles to help ease movement.

Boat battery boxes are a common safety device which many waterways safety schemes, such as the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), enforce. It is important to discuss specifics with your examiner to make sure you comply with current rules applicable to your situation.