Varta 096 EFB Start/Stop


Part Number: 096VAR/EFB
Varta Short Code: E45
European Type No. (ETN): 570 500 065
Voltage: 12V
Capacity Ah: 70
CCA (EN): 650
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 278 x 175 x 190
Layout / Terminal Whats This?: 0/1
Weight (Kg): 19.14


Varta 096 Blue Dynamic EFB Start / Stop (E45)
12V 70Ah 650 CCA (EN) Car Battery

Introducing a superior battery to power high-performance applications with the help of its enhanced EFB technology. The Blue Dynamic EFB is suited for highly equipped cars and for vehicles with conventional Start-Stop functionality that start the engine multiple times in a single journey. VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB is the ideal choice for those who depend on the lasting power to get everything done in a day—it offers the extra power and consistent performance you need.

Key benefits

  • Extended cycle life compared with a conventional battery
  • Designed for vehicles with conventional Start-Stop functionality
  • EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology with consistently high performance for highly equipped cars
  • Clean manufacturing – with 20% less energy and 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Closed recycling loop with ecosteps® – preserving resources while protecting the environment
  • PowerFrame® grid technology for high starting power and reliable performance


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Additional information

Weight 19.14 kg
Dimensions 27.8 × 17.5 × 19.0 cm