Varta Silver Promotive 637SHD (K7)

Part Number: 637SHDVAR/SIL
Varta Short Code: K7
European Type No. (ETN): 645 ?400 080
Voltage: 12V
Capacity Ah: 145
CCA (EN): 800
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 513 x 189 x 223
Layout / Terminal?Whats This?: 3/1
Weight (Kg): 36.62


Varta Silver Promotive 637SHD (K7)
12V 145Ah 800?CCA (EN) Super Heavy Duty Commercial Battery

With the Varta Silver Promotive 637SHD (K7) you can enjoy excellent performance every day, avoiding costly downtime. VARTA Promotive Silver is the perfect choice for highly equipped commercial vehicles (HGVs) like trucks, coaches and fire engines. This advanced, zero maintenance product delivers high cyclic stability and long service life via our Super Heavy Duty (SHD) technology. The result? Significant savings for your business.


  • Designed for high-performance commercial vehicles with large power demands and highest vibration requirements
  • Exceeds EN Super Heavy Duty (SHD) requirements (EN 4) standard and vibration resistance (V3)
  • Extremely safe thanks to Labyrinth lid technology, integral flame arrestors, terminal guards and special caps
  • Minimal self discharge thanks to Calcium-silver technology grid alloy
  • Up to 18 months shelf life
  • Latest Original Equipment (OE) technology and lowest water consumption for greatest TCO savings


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Additional information

Weight 36.62 kg
Dimensions 51.3 × 18.9 × 22.3 cm