Victron Phoenix 24V 5000VA Power Inverter

Part No. VI/PIN245020000
Parallel and 3-phase operation: Yes
Input Voltage Range: 19 – 33?VDC
Cont. Output Power at 25?C (VA): 5000
Cont.?Output Power at 25?C (W): 4500
Cont.?Output Power at 40?C (W): 4000
Peak Power (W): 10000
Max Efficiency: 94%
Zero-load Power: 25W
Output AC voltage/frequency: 230VAC??/ 50Hz
Humidity (non condensing): Max 95%
Operating temp.range: -20 to 50?C (fan assisted cooling)
Material & Colour: Aluminium (blue RAL 5012)
Battery Connection:? 2 2 M8 Bolts
230V AC Connection:? Screw Terminals
Protection Category:? IP21
Weight (Kg): 30.0
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 444 x 328 x 240


Victron Phoenix 24V 5000VA Power Inverter

Phoenix?Inverter -?24V?5000A 230VAC/50HZ

Victron Phoenix 24V 5000VA Power Inverter is developed for professional duty?and?is suitable for the widest range of applications. The Phoenix range of Inverters are built for professional use but are competitively priced to suit the budget of commercial and leisure users. All Victron Energy Inverters utilise innovative hybrid high/line frequency switching technology to benefit from the advantages of efficiency, compact dimensions and lighter weight without compromising output performance.

Extra start-up power
A unique feature of the SinusMax technology is very high start-up power. Conventional high frequency technology does not offer such extreme performance. Phoenix inverters, however, are well suited to power up difficult loads such as refrigeration compressors, electric motors and similar appliances.

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel and 3-phase operation capability
Up to 6 units inverters can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output. Six 24/5000 units, for example, will provide 24kW / 30kVA output power. Operation in 3-phase configuration is also possible.


  • Pure sinusoidal (sine wave) output waveform
  • High efficiency
  • High peak power capacity
  • Full multi-level electronic protection


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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 44.4 × 32.8 × 24 cm