Victron Quattro 8kVA Inverter/Chargers


Part No. VI/QUA248020010 | VI/QUA488024000
Voltage: 24V | 48V
Cont. output power at 25?C (VA): 8000
Maximum efficiency (%): 94 | 96?
Charge current house battery (A): 200 | 110
Programmable relay: 3x
Weight (Kg): 45.0 |?41.0
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 470 x 350 x 280


Victron Quattro 8kVA?Inverter/Charger

24|8000|200 – ?24V 8000VA 200A (100/100) 230V 50A aux Inverter/Charger
48|8000|110 – ?48V 8000VA 110A (100/100) 230V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger

The Victron Quattro 8kVA Inverter/Chargers offers the same great features as the MultiPlus but goes one step further as it has TWO AC inputs and TWO AC outputs. This allows you to connect two AC sources such as shore power and a generator. The Quattro will automatically connect to the active source. With TWO independent outputs critical loads are protected in the event of gird failure as they will continue to be powered by the inverter. The second output is only live when AC is available at the input. That way, large loads such as air conditioning will never discharge the batteries.


  • Two AC Inputs/Outputs
  • Parallel operation
  • Three phase capability
  • PowerControl
  • PowerAssist


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Quattro 8kVA

48V 48/8000/110, 24V 24/8000/200