Sonnenschien Battery (Alarms)

Sonnenschien Battery (Alarms)

Price inc VAT: £31.40

Sonnenschein A506/6.5S GEL
6V 6.5Ah GEL Battery


Sonnenschein A500 batteries make an absolutely reliable means of energy source in many applications including telecommunications, security, UPS, emergency lighting, medical and other power supplies for safety systems.



  • Excellent energy storage capacity combined with high reliability
  • Maintenance-free during their whole service life due to the Sonnenschein dryfit technology
  • Grid plate construction consisting of a lead calcium alloy
  • Very low gassing due to the internal gas recombination
  • Very low self discharge rate
  • Short recharging time
Part Number: A506/6.5S
Voltage 6
C20 Capacity (Ah): 6.5
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 151 x 34 x 98
Layout / Terminal: 0/8
Weight (Kg): 1.3
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